Full bore target rifles

Photo showing the prone shooting position with both left and right handed shooters. This is rifle shooting conducted on approved rifle ranges, under strict standard shooting rules, at distances from yards or meters, to meters and yards. Shots are fired singularly from the prone position. In this posture the shooter is laying face down on the ground looking towards the targets, wearing a shooting jacket, and the butt of the rifle positioned firmly against the shoulder.

Fullbore target rifle

Target shooting is one of the few sports where women and men compete without favor or discrimination for the same grades and prizes. Older and physically impaired people can enjoy successful participation like any other shooter. Some of the best shooters in the country are over 50, as success is more to do with experience and knowledge. There are different classes of fullbore shooting. In Optical Class shooting, the shooter lies prone, uses the normal sling set-up, and has a scope mounted to the rifle.

For shooters who enjoy shooting military bolt action rifles, Military Bolt is a further option. A variety of approved rifles may be used and they broadly fall into the category of a single shot action no magazine fitted to a stock that is comfortable for the shooter. The calibres allowed are 7.

To ensure even competition and fairness, the action, barrel and stock must be manufactured within strict limitations of weight and dimension.

There are also rules governing trigger weight and ammunition types. Typical older style target rifle. Angel 80 action fitted to a timber stock featuring adjustable cheek piece, butt pad and hand stop. In Fullbore target shooting there is a lot of choice available to do with rifles, stocks, sights, jackets and ammunition, just to name a few.

The list of combinations is endless to take into account desired shooting level and affordability. The ammunition we use can be either factory Winchester rounds made by machine or hand loads made individually to suit each rifle.

Hand loads can use different cases, primers, powder and projectile combinations, which are again governed by the Standard Shooting Rules. Loading your own ammunition means that you can fine tune the rounds to suit your equipment. Our shooting year starts in July and goes through to May, with June set aside for range maintenance and for the Champion of Champions Shoot, where club winners shoot off to decide the District Champion.

There is no joining fee. Other sports like golf have joining fees and their membership fees are a lot higher. Roseville Rifle Club Australia To the best of one's ability.Fullbore rifle shooting is a traditional sport where we shoot lying down prone at paper targets that are up to yards away.

At many Australian rifle ranges we talk in yards not meters as this was the standard for distance when the ranges were built. The sport is mostly about technique and training.

It does not focus on firearms. Firearms are only one of the many tools that a fullbore shooter uses to hit the target at long range. Our rifles are custom made single shot target rifles. Our sport only allows. Hunting rifles generally are not suitable. Our sighting system does not use telescopic sights. We use modern aperture sights such as Sumo Sights found on this website. Basically our target is a large round black circle that we center in the apertures of our sights.

We make adjustments to our sights to compensate for changes in wind strength and direction during the shoot. At the longer ranges on a windy day, if we did not adjusts our sights accordingly we would not even hit our target let alone get it in the middle. Men and women, young and old. Our sport does not separate age categories or gender. Very few sports see teenage competitors up against people in their 80s.

Ours does regularly. If just shooting at stuff with a big gun is what you are looking for then fullbore target rifle shooting may not be for you. We take our sport seriously. Fullbore rifle shooting is more about reading the wind, controlling your breathing and mental focus than it is about the equipment.

Husbands, wives, girlfriends and friends are all welcome to watch or join in. We are a very family oriented bunch and love when everyone shows up. Our competition schedule is full of opportunities to compete for your club or individually at many open competitions. As our sport has a formal grading process, newer shooters compete in our C-Grade competitions until their skill level improves. At my local club our targets are mounted onto a frame that is manually raised up out of a safe recess in the range called the "Butts".

Typically volunteers, shooters or paid workers are on duty while shooting progresses. After each shot is fired at the target, the person marking, lowers the target frame into the butts, locates the shot hole and places a large spotting disc into the hole. The shooter then can see with a spotting scopethe location of the shot and also the value of the score of that shot. The value of each shot on the target is dependant on where you hit the target. A series of white rings on the target determine the shot value.

Possible scores are; 5,4,3,2 or 1. Usually a single match comprises 10 shots at the target with a possible score of Two "sighting" shots are available prior to your 10 counting shots. So an example of a typical match is two sighters and tens shots to count. Variations exist at different clubs and competition venues. The 5 ring also has an additional inner ring inside it. This ring is called a "central bull" or "V-bull". It also has a numeric value of 5 points however it adds to your V-bull count.

For example if all ten shots where inside the 5-ring yet only 3 of them were inside the v-bull, your score would be 50 with 3 v-bulls.

Once a shot is fired, the person marking in the butts, lowers the target, places a spotting disc in the shot hole and also places a value disc on the target.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 16 of Thread: Heavy barrels for full bore target rifles. Join Date Sep Posts Heavy barrels for full bore target rifles. Hi all,Was the heavy barrel fitted to Australian SMLE full bore target rifles for civilian use also a military item fitted to sniper rifles or other special purpose rifles or was it specifically manufactured for the sport of target shooting?

I believe the No. When the No. Were rifles sold to target shooters specially selected? Did shooters get a choice of rifles? Other than the fitment of a heavy barrel the only additional work that was performed on these rifles to get them to shoot well? How would a good civilian target rifle stack up against a sniper rifle all other things being equal? Alan L, I always like your questions!

Full-Bore Rifle Range

Hi Disaster Dog thank you for your kind words its easy to ask a question about the details of something but sometimes harder to ask the more general questions that put our rifles rifles in context of the times they were used in, if you take my meaning. Some questions might seem to display my lack of knowledge on a subject I have always been interested in but if i don't ask I will never know Fitz, thank you for your concise answer,: re regulating being a science and an art, you're not wrong there, I spend half my life trying to get s to shoot really well.

The moment you think you really have it nailed, the next time I shoot it's just not quite right. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

full bore target rifles

Originally Posted by Alan L. Fitz, thank you for your concise answer,: re regulating being a science and an art, you're not wrong there, I spend half my life trying to get s to shoot really well. Join Date Oct Posts 2, I remember as the date the 4 was first allowed,along with the P14 as well The 4s took over very quickly ,and only a few oldtimers stuck to the smellys. Unlike collectors today ,some shooters used to try to have the "whitest" 4,and Im sure some of the stocks were bleached Join Date Dec Posts My June built Lithgow S.

III is fitted with an H barrel date stamped 9 58 with Lithgow proof marks. The bloke who bought the rifle used it as his full bore target rifle until the 7. I had a strong suspicion that around the time the new barrel was fitted a back door deal may have been done with the NRAA to provide H barrelled rifles for target work.

It seemed to me too convenient that the rifle, built in and used in WW1, WW2 and Korea, would be sent by the DoD from Puckapunyal to Lithgow to be fitted with an expensive H barrel six months before being sold out of service at Pucka.

Very old shooters from the late s and early s have confirmed that happened and that Lithgow was very busy around that time doing the conversions. Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink. On this rifle the inner band, spring screw and washer were removed and fore-stock hole plugged.Doors Are Now Open! Our 'Rifleman Firearms Target Shooting Club' has also been formally formed and Home Office approved, and the range has been signed off by all official parties and been given a perfect bill of health and approval.

All testing has been completed and the doors are now officially open. We're delighted to report that testing was a complete success, we had all lanes live with sustained firing over several hours using various calibres from 6. Actually, for most of the evening, the ventilation system was only working at half capacity and it coped superbly well. We've always wanted to keep pricing to a minimum, please refer to below for all of our full-bore ranges prices!

For information on what rifle packages we offer, click here. If you are not a member of our home office approved club and you have no Rifle or FAC. If you are not a member of our home office approved club but you have your own rifle, ammunition and FAC. You will be required to complete a probation from 3 months up to 6, during your probation period you will need to come a minimum of twice a month. FAC Holders bringing own rifles and ammunition during probationary period. If you are an FAC holder and you're bringing your own rifles and ammunition during your probation period.

The direct debit option is to follow shortly. Upon successful completion of the probationary period and approval from the committee, you will recieve a full membership and a 'Safe Handling Card'.

Please call with enquiries for private bookings,corparate entertaining and exclusive club hire. For non-members bookings are to be paid in advance by phone.

For full refunds we require 7 days notice. Select Calibre. Air Rifle Range. Full-Bore Rifle Range. Call Us For More Information Nordic field shooting competitions are shot at varied distances out to m. To level the playing field as much as possible without stifling progress, and to make it possible for riflemen of all budgets to compete seriously, the rifle or all its component parts must be 'readily available in quantity'.

Champions Choice Inc.

Modern target rifles are extremely accurate, and have aperture sights which are fully adjustable for elevation and windage. They developed from the observation that the eye when viewing through a circular aperture will naturally centre the black circular target, on a white backing. Initially this was accomplished using a standard 'post' foresight at the muzzle of the rifle, which over time developed into a tube with a circular ring aperture so that the black 'bull' would be viewed within the foresight ring which in turn was centred in the rear aperture.

This arrangement improved the accuracy as the sight distance was increased with the aperture sight closer to the marksman than that of the military 'iron' rear leaf sight fitted directly to the barrel. Fullbore Target Rifle involves prone position single shot precision shooting using adjustable aperture sights at 'round bull' targets at distances from to yards, with each shot being carefully scored and analysed. The usual calibre used was.

III an No. Often this aspect is forgotten or overlooked. Modern target rifle shooters commonly use specialised rigid shooting jackets to maintain a stable prone position. Riflemen also widely wear shooting gloves on their support hand to stabilise the rifle and to protect the hand from a single point sling [ citation needed ].

In Canada, target rifle competitions at the national level are regulated by the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.

full bore target rifles

Match Rifle shooting is a long-range target shooting discipline for civilian riflemen shot at 1, to 1, yards approximately to 1, meterspeculiar to the UK and several Commonwealth of Nations countries, and run according to rules set out by the National Rifle Association, UK. Elcho Shield is an example of such an annual fullbore Match Rifle competition. Whilst the same calibres are permitted.

full bore target rifles

Telescopic sights are permitted, as is hand-loaded ammunition typically for. Most shoots involve 15 or 20 shots to count usually with two convertible sighting shots permitted at each ofand yards. With few ranges extending back to Match Rifle distances, most shooting in the UK takes place on Stickledown at Bisley. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Shooting sports events Rifles. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with unsourced statements from March Namespaces Article Talk.

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Rifles – Full Bore, Target and Gallery

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Fri Apr 10, pm GlockworkOrange.Projectile weights are limited to either 80 grain for 5. It is a competitive discipline where precision engineered target rifles, high quality ammunition, and skilful shooters come together to produce a display of skill and determination. Today, as factory ammunition is no longer the standard requirement, some of the skills needed to perform well are related to the effective loading of your own ammunition and the tuning of your rifle to shoot.

This has brought new challenges to the target rifle shooter.

full bore target rifles

Today entry is open to all club shooters to compete all over Australia for each States Queens Prize shoot and also the National Queens Prize. Winning a badge in these competitions are regarded as reaching a pinnacle of achievement in the sport.

At the Bungendore rifle club the ranges shot are from, and meters and at each range the target dimensions change but always have the same value. Modern rifles have small optical magnification lenses in the end of the foresight, thus aiding in visual sighting of the target.


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